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Giving Hugs From The Heart

A big ole heart hug from me to you!

We all know a hug feels good, but giving a Hugs from the heart pendant can make it feel even a little bit better and it last forever!

Hugs from the heart pendants have been shown to improve overall moods, increase nerve activity, and a host of other beneficial effects. Wearing the pendant provides a constant reminder of that positive physical touch you long for.

Pendants available in silver, gold, stainless steel & wood.


Giving a hugs from the heart pendant to a loved one speaks directly from your body and soul, making them feel loved and special.

Research proves connection between hugs and heart health

A University of North Carolina study showed that hugs increased levels of the hormone oxytocin and reduced blood pressure.

There is a scientific explanation for the seemingly magical qualities of a hug that researchers uncovered. Each time we hug, we increase the level of oxytocin in the blood. This hormone triggers a “caring” or "bonding" response in both men and women (oxytocin is most well known for stimulating contractions of the uterus during labor and the release of milk during breast-feeding).


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Hug Someone Today

Hugging is all natural; it is organic, naturally sweet, no pesticides, non-fattening, no carbohydrates, no preservatives, no artificial or genetically engineered ingredients, and 100% wholesome!
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